About Us

Secret Interiors are highly acclaimed painters and decorators responsible for finishing many of Sydney’s most expensive and luxurious homes over the past 32 years.


Anthony Sassano has developed an untouchable reputation based on his exemplary and in depth technical knowledge of all things paint, still keeping close many traditional trade secrets that clearly define his value from his competition.


Secret Interiors are unlike any other painter and decorator in Sydney. Their range of expertise and finishes can produce sleek and glass-like walls that give a strong feeling of sophistication, combined with premium quality. There is simply nothing more impressive to the touch or eye, in terms of finishes.


From level 5 quality plaster and paint finishes, to skim coating and top coating, polished plaster, wall setting and sprayed finish woodwork, Secret Interiors are qualified and accredited to use Dulux Acratex, Resene and Murabond just to name a few.


Premium finishes such as stucco, marmorino and tadeladk are on trend at the moment, and with the right colour scheme will set your home apart by being unique and original, yet totally desirable and inspiring.